The sky hides the fate of all beings,
except for the prescribed side, their present.
– Alexander Pope (1688-1744), English poet and translator, An Essay on Man

The workshops that I prepare and lead are the results of lectures and consumption of a plant-based diet, in which I include the doctrine of Ayurveda. I see my lifestyle as a mission to care for human beings, animals, nature, drinking water, and the planet in general. In the workshops, we use exclusively local and organic food, which strengthens health and the immune system.

At the workshop, I explain in detail the gut microbiome and the functioning of the vagus nerve, which, due to bad bacteria in the gut, causes many health problems, such as depression, migraine, skin diseases, as well as constipation, and other inconveniences that plague modern man.

I explain the course of digestion and which foods are suitable and which should be consistently avoided. Probiotics are a quick fix, but they are not suitable for everyone compared to naturally fermented foods that supply the intestinal microbiome with beneficial bacteria that are absolutely necessary for the stability of health – the immune system.

NOVEMBER: 19.11. 2022-20.11. 2022 TWO DAYS – Ljubljana – FREE PLACES
DECEMBER: 10.12. 2022 – 11.12. 2022 TWO DAYS – Ljubljana – FREE PLACES
DECEMBER: 17.12. 2022 – 18.12. 2022 TWO DAYS – Ljubljana – FREE PLACES
DECEMBER. 20.12. 2022 TRADITIONAL  with Christmas food  ONE DAY – Ljubljana – FREE PLACES (with surprise)
JANUARY: 21.1. 2023 – 22.1. 2023 TWO DAYS – Ljubljana – FREE PLACES

The price of the workshop is EUR 120.00.
You can also attend for just one day, then the price of the workshop is EUR 80.00.