BILKA BALOH – Ayurvedic Therapist and Healthy Detox Coach

For 30 years, Bilka Baloh has been an independent researcher, fasting mentor, and consultant for a healthy diet that includes the doctrine of Ayurveda. She completed her education with Dr. David Frawley at the American Institute of Vedic Studies-Ayurvedic Healing. She shares her many years of experience with therapeutic fasting as a mentor to people with various health imbalances. She wrote two books: Fasting, the Seed of Health, and Fasting Expands Consciousness. She works with the renowned Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Milind Sajjanvar, who is her mentor, teacher, and advisor.

With her protégés, he successfully performs traditional Panchakarma and fasting therapy, leads fasting retreats, workshops on Ayurvedic vegan and vegetarian nutrition, lectures on healthy eating, and personally advises on nutritional support. She works holistically (mind – emotions, body, spirit). Meditation and yoga are indispensable in the treatment of imbalances in the body. She is devoted to Vedic science, which teaches her transcendental meditation, closely related to all the Vedic literature of the search for absolute truth, from which Ayurveda also derives.

Her vision: Consciously into eternity.
Core value: Simple Living, High Thinking.
Her mission: To inspire people to make a better world.


Bhagavata-darma dasa is a teacher of bhakti-yoga (yoga of divine love) who has been exploring the spiritual dimension under the guidance of the greatest enlightened masters for more than twenty-five years. At the retreats, he will present the wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita as it is, the foundational work of Eastern wisdom. He lectures worldwide, both at universities and in various temples. He will acquaint us with the ancient scriptures written in Sanskrit, the mysteries he has deeply penetrated, and the most profound truths of spiritual consciousness essential to a balanced daily life. He will introduce us to relationships between people, meditation, how it affects our consciousness, how to meditate correctly, how to properly prepare food without karma, and why a meatless diet is vital for our health. In his presence, people relax and feel peace in their souls.

His vision: To make everyone happy.
Core value: Connection to the Absolute.
His mission: To share the priceless wealth of pure, absolute love with everyone without exception.


IAN ČERNELČ – Operation Manager

Ian will introduce us to the issue of the gut microbiome. Ayurveda has said for 5000 years that a healthy gut is half of healing and balanced health. His lectures are inspiring, as he has many years of experience in this field. He was diagnosed with colon cancer many years ago. He successfully recovered and will also present his experience to us. He has been successfully collaborating with Bilko Baloh for many years. He will also accompany us through the body detoxification process and take us to various energy points, where we will empower ourselves and surrender to the silence of nature. He is devoted to bhakti yoga, which he also practices daily in search of the Absolute Truth.

His vision: Let all living beings be happy and let as many souls as possible realize our true nature and who we are.
Core value: Do not do to others what you would not have others do to you.
His mission: To help and show by example that we can live a happy and fulfilled life in this material world.

Ian Černelč