(group and individual)

Fasting is the first principle of medicine; fast and see the strength of the spirit reveal itself.
– Rumi

What are retreats?

Eighteen years ago, I spent some time traveling in Europe. I stayed in holistic centers with families and groups of people engaged in organic food production, and the way of life also included relaxation breathing techniques, yoga, qi gong, tai chi, and meditation; in short, everything related to calming the mind and spirit.

At that time, retreats abroad were quite common. I visited various centers in Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland and Croatia. Deep inside, I knew I would someday start performing beneficial retreats in my homeland.

Today, retreats are commonplace. I’m glad my colleagues and like-minded people perform them because we help people overcome various problems. On such retreats, people are revitalized and gain new strength because they are away from disturbing – low vibrations and stressful everyday life. We live in a transit time full of fear, shame, guilt, and health concerns. “We live in a dangerous time,” says Deepak Chopra.

Retreat – Fasting, the seed of health

Five years ago, I started with retreats in Slovenia. The difference is that they include fasting therapy or cleansing of the body, but at the same time, we also perform all other relaxation techniques. The retreat is designed holistically and is tailored for each participant individually. The nutritional protocol that each participant receives after completing the fast is designed according to the constitution or imbalance when present.

Participants who decide to take venous blood will receive a professional explanation from a doctor who interpret the hemogram. (Zoom conference)

In addition to vegetable and fruit juices, cleansing teas, and clear vegetable soup, we also introduce one day of silence. We meditate, practice hatha yoga, practice conscious breathing – pranayama, and we have lectures on the topic of a healthy and balanced diet, which is determined according to the constitution of each individual. We go for long walks; we are in contact with nature and negative ions that successfully eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells.

We have two experts in the team. In his lecture, Blaž Mihelič explains the meaning of food from a spiritual point of view. Ian Černelč explains in detail the intestinal microbiome and what it means to have healthy intestines.

If necessary and depending on the diagnosis, we use the Zaper device, which helps eliminate parasites from the body.

Welcome to the paradise of rejuvenation and revitalization

We adjust the excursions according to the psycho-physical capabilities of the participants

If an individual decides to do an individual fasting retreat (individual work), the price of the retreat is increased by six nights. People with serious health problems choose such retreats or who find it difficult to function in a group. In such cases, people extend their fast. All activities remain the same and are adjusted according to the imbalance of the participant.

  • diagnosis of Vikriti – the current state of the body, according to the doctrine of Ayurveda,
  • calculation of Prakriti – state at birth, genetic record,
  • each participant is accommodated in a shared apartment with a new bathroom,
  • all cleansing teas,
  • organic cleansing soup,
  • organic vegetable and fruit juices,
  • list of foods and recipes for the first week after fasting, organic production,
  • the price also includes a nutritional regime that supports your constitution for the next three months,
  • Multi EM Ferment liquid probiotics,
  • enema or irrigator,
  • interdental brushes,
  • copper tongue scraper,
  • hard soap,
  • hiking backpack,
  • a thermos bottle,
  • oil for oiling the body – abhyanga and sesame enema,
  • meditation,
  • Hatha yoga,
  • using the Zapper device – which successfully eliminates parasites (Hulda Clark),
  • supporting literature,
  • sauna and massage with warm essential oils
  • a walk along the famous Rikli path,
  • a visit to Mateja Reš’s Garden of Tastes,
  • Tanja Legat presents her boutique cosmetic products – option,
  • a visit to Jezera Kreda, in the Radovna valley – an option,
  • sound bath (Mina Kunstelj) – option,
  • making handicrafts – Natalija – option,
  • making felt slippers, Tanja Legat – option,
  • making necklaces with selected crystal – Anastasia – option,
  • a visit to the Peričnik waterfall – an option,
  • a visit to the Pokljuka gorge – an option.