Emptiness is the essential thing.
Everything else comes randomly.
Emptiness brings peace to your love, everything else is just disease.
In this world of illusions it is precisely the void that what your soul desires.
– Rumi

The first fast depends on several factors:

  1. How acidic we are (sugar, snacks, cookies, meat, alcohol, cigarettes)?
  2. How much mucus is in our body (milk, dairy products, wheat)?
  3. How many drugs are accumulated in our body (antibiotics, chemotherapy, analgesics, antirheumatic drugs)?

And if we are really ready for the venture – story.


First, let’s diagnose according to Ayurveda. Based on the constitutional calculation, I determine the vegetables for clear vegetable soups, cleansing teas, fresh vegetable juices, and therapy suitable for your constitution. I will introduce you to oral hygiene and skin care,… We always decide together about the length of the fast. I take into account your attitude and psychophysical capabilities.

You can choose between the following individual fastings:

  • 7-14 or more days fast (with this fast, digestion is completely stopped, and an enema is performed daily to thoroughly cleanse the intestinal gut microbiome.
  • Partial fasting (we eat pureed warm vegetable soups suitable for your constitution and kichari; enemas are performed as needed).
  • On-line posts (posts carried out via the Internet, Skype, Zoom, Messenger, phone, or email).
  • Retreat, 10 day fasting in a group

Fasting vegetable soups

During fasting, we enjoy warm, clear soups. We always drink soups warm. Soups give us some important minerals and vitamins. In exceptional cases, we can add a pinch of mineral salt and a teaspoon of oil suitable for your constitution.

Bistra postna juha.
A clear fasting soup.


Cleansing teas are the most important, as they remove toxins that have accumulated in the body. We drink them throughout the day, precisely at the time when our cleansing organs have the strongest potential. We drink teas warm and without sugar. I determine them according to your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

Ingverjev čaj topi v telesu nakopičeno sluz.
Ginger tea dissolves accumulated mucus in the body.

Vegetable juices

Fresh vegetable juices depend on the proportion of doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in your body. Ayurveda does not advocate fresh juices during fasting because they are too aggressive. We choose vegetables that are suitable for your constitution and are heat-treated to neutralize aggressive substances.

Diet after fasting

After the fasting therapy, I determine a diet for you, which includes nutrition or foods that are suitable for your energy potential. It is called tridosha food. People also get instructions on how to slowly change dietary habits to keep the body in balance. I am with you all the days of the fast until the state of health improves and the daily digestion is restored.

Kaljena in neoluščena ajda je odličen in polnovreden zajtrk.
Sprouted and shelled buckwheat is an excellent and wholesome breakfast.


After fasting, it is very important how to switch to a solid diet. As long as we fast, it takes as long to stabilize digestion. Otherwise, we can catch into the yoyo effect and eat too much food at once, which can cause constipation.

Fasting is a spiritual path

Therapeutic fasting is also important for self-interaction. Therefore, it is necessary to arm yourself with knowledge and tools so that your first fast will be gentle and friendly, that you will enjoy it, and above all, that you will not be hungry. The stomach is a muscle that slowly shrinks to the size of a clenched fist during fasting. This is its natural size. The first three days are a bit uncomfortable for some who are fasting for the first time. When the stomach contracts, fasting becomes a pleasure. It all depends on the toxins that have accumulated in the intercellular, fatty, and connective tissue and how many bad bacteria have occupied your digestive system and the gut microbiome.

Physiological problems during fasting

Only after three days, when triglycerides, simple fats that accumulate in the liver and hinder optimal functioning, begin to be excreted from the liver, the thorough cleansing of the body begins. This is when cellular intelligence tells us how many toxins have actually accumulated in our bodies. Toxins that are bound to fatty tissue begin to slowly dissolve and are excreted back into the bloodstream. This means that we are actually re-poisoning ourselves as the blood poisons begin to travel through our body before being eliminated. Therefore, it is necessary to drink a lot of warm water, clear vegetable soups, cleanse teas, and present an enema. Due to “awakened” poisons, some people may experience headaches, insomnia, nausea, irritability, and pain in the muscles and hips. Distress and fear of what is happening in the body may appear. These are just the side effects of detoxification, and unfortunately, you can’t do without it, so it’s good to have a mentor with many years of experience by your side who will support you and help you with any questions you may have.

An enema – Basti is necessary

After stopping digestion, we go to the toilet for the last time on the first day of fasting. Then peristalsis or digestion stops. At least 2-3 kg of stool remains in the large intestine, depending on the constitution, which must leave the body. Otherwise, an “economic pot” of toxic bacteria is created in the gut microbiome. These residues poison our body instead of cleansing it.

Body hygiene

Adequate oral hygiene is essential during fasting, as toxins are also excreted through the tongue, which is coated day by day. It should be cleaned with a tongue scraper and gargled with sage tea, which has a bactericidal effect. In addition, oil therapy of the oral cavity is also necessary. Toxins are not only excreted through urine and enema but also through the skin, which is our largest organ. Depending on the constitution, which I determine through diagnostics, we decide on suitable oil for the body (self-massage) or Abhyanga. The oil draws toxins from the skin that accumulate just below the epidermis. It is important to choose the right oil, as some oils have a warming effect on the body, while others have a cooling effect. Sauna and dry skin brushing are also essential.

Support and guidance

I have been involved in mentoring for 25 years. We have solved a wide variety of health problems with our clients. It is good to talk about this at home as well (partner, family, friends). When the body is cleansed, our mind is also cleansed. Some little things that we usually overlook come to the fore during fasting and start to bother us. Therefore, therapeutic fasting is also mental cleansing. For example, disordered relationships with certain people, dirt in the apartment, unsolved problems at work, partner relationships, etc. The side effects of fasting are different for each individual and sometimes very unpleasant, so mentoring is indispensable. You can read more about it in the Time and peace.

The first fast should be done in a natural environment, in peace, so that you have time exclusively for yourself. It is important to be with yourself in silence and to try meditation. I introduce my clients to one of the better techniques to calm their minds. The tools are mostly simple, and it just takes discipline and dedication.

During fasting, we do not burden the body with major physical efforts, as the internal organs work at half capacity. Walking, brisk walking, yoga, meditation, sauna, and swimming are suitable. The body must rest and be at rest.

Fasting is a wonderful tool that clearly tells and shows us which unresolved things in our life we need to face and solve. Make them aware. Fasting, as a physical cleansing, also means a strong spiritual “cleansing.” Namely, food is the rawest representative of the material world, which with its metaphysics, always prevents a person from contacting the higher worlds, which probably no one doubts today. testimonials section.