a fantastic rejuvation

The word fasting in itself does not evoke great desire. In today’s time of overabundance, people are only looking for hedonism and pleasure. Life is a responsible good, and only some people get to the point where they realize this. People who have gone through therapeutic fasting always have a big smile on their faces. Body and mind won. They have reached their goal, and fasting no longer has a bitter aftertaste. On the contrary, a light feeling and a clear head are the results that convince anyone of the benefits of fasting.


Fasting expands consciousness

A pre-prepared fasting protocol helps to eliminate accumulated toxins healthily with as little stress and hunger as possible. Fasting not only cleanses the body but is also a thorough cleansing on a spiritual level.

Therapeutic fasting is recommended for strengthening life force and spiritual progress to eliminate body impurities and old, unhelpful, and harmful thought patterns. When fasting, the body uses calories wisely and rationally, according to a precisely defined protocol, so as not to damage it. Cleansing the body is the basis for a healthy gut microbiome, a pillar of the immune system.

For whom fasting is not recommended?

Caution should be exercised by anyone who is taking medications against blood clotting and has diabetes. Fasting is also not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In preparation for pregnancy, it is recommended that the body be purified beforehand and that the fetus growing in the mother enjoys a clean environment. I also do not advise fasting for underweight people, people with epilepsy, heart patients, individuals with anorexia or bulimia, and people with burnout.

The decision

“Our life is the total sum of all our decisions.”
– Dr.W.Dwyer

The mistakes we repeat daily are primarily unaffected by us because they are part of our daily routine, repetitive patterns, and beliefs. Even though we know deep down that certain things harm us, we cannot resist them. It’s hard to change, knowing it will require stepping out of our comfort zone. And our mind does not like changes.

How do we get out of our comfort zone?

Radical changes happen when we are saturated with toxins, and our health is at risk. The moment of truth arrives. When there is no way back, and the future is unclear due to a medical condition, the most significant shifts occur in the fear for life.

We usually decide to change our eating habits and therapeutic fasting when we reach a breaking point and feel so bad that we have no choice. At that time, cleansing the body is the last hint of creation that we must take the reins of health into our own hands. Order, discipline, and perseverance help us to establish harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

With some support, goodwill, and determination, anything is possible. The results are visible in a very short time.