Doubts are traitors: because we are afraid to try, we lose what we might gain.
– William Shakespeare

Nutritional support is recommended for:

  1. Inappropriate body weight, obesity
  2. Inflammatory processes in the body
  3. Constipation, flatulence, and unpleasant gases
  4. Bad breath
  5. Cleansing the body of parasites with Zaper (according to Dr. Hulda Clark’s method)
  6. To establish a harmonious balance of good bacteria in the intestinal microbiome, which take care of a strong immune system.

Treatment is only successful if we act holistically. First, we eliminate processed food and replace it with high-quality organic food, carefully selected for your constitution. A change in diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation are required. Not all food, however organic, is valuable and suitable for everyone. We don’t eat everything throughout the year. Food changes with the seasons. We eat seasonal and organic food. The same goes for yoga posture and meditation. We carefully select them for each individual based on their energy potential, physical capabilities, and current imbalance.

The price of the nutritional protocol

With a firm decision, everyone can achieve their goal and well-being. It takes will, perseverance, order, and discipline.

Dušan Vukmirovič, 52manager

Headaches, excess weight, internal inflammation, skin changes, irritability, constant knee pain. No, it is not a nightmare, but it was my problem due to many decades of wrong eating, whether it was eating too many meals, eating at the wrong time, or overeating fast food. Fortunately, my life was destined to meet the wonderful Bilka Baloh. She took me on a complete transformation journey.

First, the process of complete detoxification of the body, then, of course, the loss of extra pounds (today, after three weeks of therapy, I have as many as 15 less, and I’m still losing weight), and finally, an encounter with a different, healthy and delicious food that I had never known before. All the mentioned problems disappeared, which is a desirable result, without much strain. It certainly brings a person great satisfaction and, above all, a healthy life. Bilka, sincere thanks!