Fantastic revival

The word fasting in itself does not evoke great desire. In today’s overabundance, people only look for hedonism and pleasure. Few realize that life is a responsible commodity. There is always a big smile on the face of people who have gone through the story of therapeutic fasting. Body and mind won. They have reached their goal, and fasting no longer has a sour aftertaste.

Fasting expands consciousness

Therapeutic fasting is a pre-prepared plan to get rid of toxins healthily, without stress and pain. Fasting expands consciousness, as it not only cleanses the body but is also a thorough cleansing on a spiritual level.

Therapeutic fasting is recommended to strengthen life forces and spiritual progress and eliminate old, useless, and harmful thought patterns. When fasting, the body uses calories wisely and rationally, according to a precisely defined protocol, to avoid damaging it. Cleansing the body is the basis for a healthy gut microbiome, the pillar of the immune system.

Who is fasting not suitable for?

Everyone who takes anti-blood clotting drugs and diabetes should be careful. Fasting is also not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, it is ideal as a preparation for pregnancy. The body is purified beforehand, and the fetus, which is developing in the mother, enjoys a clean environment. I also do not advise against fasting for all underweight individuals, people with epilepsy, heart patients, individuals with anorexia or bulimia, and those with burnout syndrome (CFS).