Doubts are traitors: because we are afraid to try, we lose what we might gain.
– William Shakespeare, Soap for a Price (Act 1, Scene 4)

With nutritional support, we eliminate:

  • Increased body weight,
  • Inflammatory processes in the body,
  • Skin problems (eczema, acne…),
  • Elimination of residues of chemotherapy and other drugs,
  • Arthritis,
  • Constipation, flatulence, and unpleasant gases,
  • Bad breath,
  • Cleanses the body of parasites,
  • We help you establish a harmonious balance of good bacteria in the gut, which are essential for a strong immune system.

Treatment is only successful if we act holistically. First, we eliminate processed food and replace it with quality selected organic food that is precisely determined for your constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).  A change in diet, exercise, yoga and meditation are also necessary. No matter how organic, food is not valuable and suitable for everyone. It is the same with asanas – yoga postures. They are precisely defined for each individual.

Anyone can lose weight.

Dušan Vukmirovič, 52manager

Headaches, excess weight, internal inflammation, skin changes, irritability, and constant knee pain. It’s not a nightmare, but my problems result from decades of eating wrong. Either because of too many meals at the wrong time or too much fast food. Fortunately, my life was destined to meet the wonderful Bilka Baloh, who led me on a path of complete transformation. First the process of complete detoxification of the body. And then, of course, to lose extra pounds more. Today, after three weeks of therapy, I have lost 15 kilos and am still losing weight. I finally met a different, healthy, delicious food I didn’t know about before. All the mentioned problems disappeared, which is a desirable result, without much effort. Overall, it certainly brings a person great satisfaction, and above all, a healthy life. Bilka, sincere thanks!

Ljubljana, 17.5. 2022

Polona Mali, 49, PhD

Dear Bilka, what should I write about my diet and my decision to control my weight?

Today I finally decided to write something about this topic, which I have heard many times. We, women, know those well-known and specific phrases: Today I start, and tomorrow, maybe on Monday I also begin, and the day when there is a good moon or when I am not nervous.

The scale doesn’t lie. The numbers on it happily move up. Why never down? Well, they can’t go down, but if there are no changes in the diet, everything is the same. Even worse, more sweet things (stress treatment?), bigger meals, avoiding exercise, physical activity, and more. These are just excuses. The pounds accumulate because of stress and obligations. I really like good food.

Gotta get over it once, don’t you think? The right time is, when your body warns you, your breath becomes short, your lungs and heart can’t handle it, the stairs become Mount Everest. Maybe it was the right moment when I saw too many curvy dressed in beautiful dresses that I had collected in the plus size department before the photo’s formal events.

Enough. That’s what I said to myself that day in early June when spring turned into summer when you need to show more of your body, dress in light transparent fabrics, and shine in the heat by the sea in Eve’s costume. Be an example to others at home and at work, and take care of yourself. For yourself and only for yourself, and work on yourself. I finally decided to change something and prove to myself that I could do it. As I can always and every time take care of others, now I will take care of myself. And we started, without hesitation, with great drive and enthusiasm. This was followed by the procurement of containers and thermos bottles, the planning of meal logistics, and the meal schedule. To find out what I should not do, and above all, what suits me, what calms and fills me. I’m lucky that I love food. I’m always ready to try something new or different because I’m never bored, and I don’t like monotony.

And two months passed without hunger, without problems, without a special desire for sweets, and the detoxification went from the inside out. And the body responded; first, the physical changes that were most visible. A look in the mirror says the following: I’ve lost my chin, the belly bloat has disappeared, the accumulated fat pads have slowly smoothed out, and the swelling and intercellular accumulation on the body has disappeared. My pants started dancing around my waist, and they kept sliding down, my wrists did not hurt at all, and my knees did not creak under the weight. Everything is light and refreshing. In addition to my body, I begin to notice changes in my internal state as well, and I think: when was the last time I had a severe headache, a migraine that has been my companion for so many years, especially on those days when hormones are still raging despite my years, especially when I change the way I eat.

The more I think about it, the less I remember the last time I had a headache. I think to myself: well, it’s because of the food, because you detoxed and flushed and eliminated the toxins.

Yeah, that’ll be it; hooray, first win. Another win is feeling better overall, calmer, happier, and more satisfied. How could I not, when I pull out the old skirts and dresses from the closet again, which I pushed into a corner a long time ago and waited for better days? I feel like a teenager and no longer like an old woman. I feel like a woman again. Femininity and the desire to please, to be seductive and attractive, have returned. And this victory was also noticed by others, first of all, my dear husband, and then the surrounding area, relatives, and colleagues.

I myself notice what is happening. Every little thing no longer touches me, and I no longer experience everyday life as stress but as a challenge and an opportunity for progress. I can’t stop now that I’m progressing so well on all levels. With personal growth and physical transformation, the scale finally gives up, the kilos slide down, and the pointer turns to the other side. I was relieved that the scale wasn’t broken. After all, my lifestyle was broken, full of sugar, clutter, and chaos, both in diet and in everyday life. Order entered, a certain diet at a certain time and for a certain purpose. It’s never been so easy to follow a protocol, it’s never been so good, and it’s never been so full of experiences. Watching my body’s response, what it can and can’t do, listen to my thoughts and staying on track. Of course, not everything was as smooth as I wrote at the beginning. The path is thorny, sometimes I still deviate from the path, I fight with myself and my body. The path is thorny, sometimes I get lost, I fight with myself and my body. At first there was a sense of helplessness as my body ran out of energy, not like I was passing out, but like an engine that refused to move. The energy was running out, fuel was running low, and supplies were running low. The sugar must have dropped, but luckily my expertise paid off, and after just a few bites of the next meal, things improved. Fortunately, it slowly disappears and never comes back. The body easily switches to a different metabolism, finally every cell understands that it is necessary to pump out the fat reserves that have accumulated over the years. Of course the crises come, of course they make me want to go back and eat the delicious ice cream, but when I try it, it’s all too sweet. A feeling of heaviness, fullness, abdominal pain, indigestion, and pain in the knees are signs when I am sinning. But what can I do if the head has not yet completely replaced cellular metabolism and is pulling me back. Okay, I have to accept that patience will also be tested, which I am now also learning by eating differently.

Let me summarize. First of all, I noticed physical changes, a less tense stomach, looser clothes, and less body swelling. Then switching to the inner world, thoughts, and reactions. The migraines are gone. I feel great, fresh and happy, rejuvenated, lively, and feminine. The more I laugh, the more talkative I am, and the more I throw over my shoulder. Life only touches me as much as I let it and as much as I allow myself to be touched.

And if it is necessary to re-establish the balance that I achieve on this path, it is established, and I am slowly approaching the goal, which is still far away, but at the same time already visible in the distance. It’s okay. A lot of kilos have accumulated over the years, and only no one else and I allowed it. I collected it myself. Now I have to lose it myself.

I’m not quite alone. Thank you, Bilka, for the support, excellent food prepared with love, and all the instructions on this thorny path of transformation.

Ljubljana, 1.6.2019