about me

Bilka Baloh is a freelance researcher, mentor for therapeutic fasting, and consultant in the field of healthy nutrition, in which she incorporates the doctrine of Ayurveda. For twenty-five years, she has been actively dealing with the problems of the food industry and processed food, which causes imbalance and diseases in the body.

She wrote two books, Fasting the Seed of Health and Fasting Expand the Consciousness, the Wisdom of Cellular Intelligence, which will soon be published in English.

For a while, she worked at the local television station POP TV, where she wrote articles for the website, but her adventurous and creative spirit soon took her to almost every culinary country in Europe. She studied and worked in Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Poland, Germany, and Greece and devoted herself to gourmet excesses in the aforementioned countries. Cooking is a passion she inherited from her grandparents. Hence the knowledge and respectful attitude toward organic and local food.

With the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, she participated in the project On the rainbow of health – Healthy challenges, where she drew attention with her contributions to the problem of chemicals in the food and the benefits of therapeutic fasting.

She concluded her journey by studying at the American Institute of Vedic studies. She took Ayurvedic Healing under the guidance of the world-famous dr. Dawid Frawley. She shares her many years of experience in therapeutic fasting and Panchakarma as a mentor to people with a wide variety of health problems.

Recently, she improved her knowledge with Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Milind Sajjanwar, who has four renowned Ayurvedic clinics in Whrada, Hingengart, Yavatmal, and Nagpur, India.

In search of health balance, she performs Panchakarma, fasting therapies, provides nutritional support for weight loss, offers fasting retreats, workshops on healthy, local and organic food, lectures on healthy eating and personal counseling for nutritional support. She is actively involved in the researching of the gut microbiome.

In addition to numerous educations on nutrition and macrobiotics, she also completed reiki, western herbalism and training in special Montessori pedagogy, whose observation methodology she successfully incorporates into her work.

Meditation and yoga are indispensable in healing the body, mind and spirit. Her meditation teachers are Sant Baljit Singh – Meditation on Inner Light and Sound and Dušan Osojnik, who introduced her to Zen meditation, which she also practices regularly. Zazen is a meditative discipline that is usually the primary practice of the Zen Buddhist tradition, but it comes from Japan.

Bilka Baloh is an interesting, consistent perfectionist who does not like to stand out, practices yoga and meditation, and simultaneously fights for animals, nature, and the planet. Her vision is to improve mutual relations and offer individuals tools for spiritual development. But if you climb a little higher into the hills, there is a chance to meet her there as well. The life philosophy she follows is a deep relationship with children, animals and the entire creation. To all that is pure, true and undamaged by technological development.